Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mid-Winter Milling?

On the last Saturday of February each year, many Downtown Almonte shop owners host a spiritual, health and self-awareness practitioner from 10am-5pm within their own shop. There are a variety of readers — card readers, a Turkish coffee reader, mediums — as well as energy healers and massage therapists. The variety of modalities, as well as the size of the event, changes every year.

There is also a crafty event to enjoy!

People arrive at 10am to sign up for a session or two; prices are of varying amounts, with the length of time for sessions ranging from 20 minutes to an hour.

Spend the day hearing interesting ideas and meeting interesting people, as well as having lunch or a coffee break in the great nearby restaurants and cafes. Bring your friends and make a day of it, and find out why Almonte is The Friendly Town!

How does it work?

The day begins at 10am. THERE IS NO SIGNING UP IN ADVANCE. Please arrive at your session on time; the practitioners will do their best to be on schedule. The practitioners are paid directly for the session, preferably in cash (usually $20-$60). We have many distractions to offer you while you wait: shopping, dining, crafting, scenic walks, and more. Bring your friends so you can meet up for dessert to compare notes!
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Where is it held?

Right smack dab in the centre of Downtown Almonte. Most of the sessions are on Mill Street, all within convenient walking distance from each other. The shop owners have put aside a small space – sometimes within the shop (public) and sometimes in a back room.

How much does it cost? How long are the sessions?

Each practitioner determines their own pricing and session length, depending on what they offer. Sessions generally range from 20 minutes to 1 hour, and prices from $20 to $60. Please bring cash, but if you forget, there are a couple of bank machines in Almonte (1 of them right downtown: BMO).
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Where can I park? Is there a fee?

We are very happy to report that parking is FREE in Almonte! We arrange this ESPECIALLY for you! Well, and everyone else… every day. Locations:

Parking lots are helpfully placed on our location map.
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Is there somewhere we can get a meal/snacks?

There certainly is!

For a snack, may we recommend:

For a sit-down meal, we love:

If you know early on where you plan to eat, why not reserve to avoid disappointment!
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What else can I do in Almonte?

We are so glad you asked! There are many things to do, depending on your interests. Here are a few:

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Where can I find a bank machine in Almonte?

Bank of Montreal is right in the centre of Downtown Almonte, across from the clock tower.

Royal Bank can be found on the way into town, by the Independent, at 443 Ottawa St.

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What if the weather is bad that day?

Then you’d better wear your hat and boots! (But don’t worry – if you forget it we know where you can buy funky new ones!) You may also find there is less competition for the sessions, so you can see your desired practitioners easily.
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Why do you put on Mid-Winter Milling?

To entice people to come to Downtown Almonte during the quietest months of the year for some fun and relaxation, and at the same time remind visitors of all the great places to shop and dine in town.
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Who are you people?

Mid-Winter Milling was started single-handedly by Sara Bazett of That’s The Spirit. Since running a successful shop and online business made her busy enough, she has decided to turn the event over to a team of local volunteers who have enjoyed the event in past years. With the time and expertise of the volunteers, plus the fee charged to the practitioners and some support from downtown businesses, we hope to continue the fun event that Sara began in 2010. You can reach us at
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